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From archaism ‎(“ancient or obsolete phrase or expression”) or from French archaïque, ultimately from Ancient Greek ἀρχαικός ‎(arkhaikós, “old-fashioned”), from ἀρχαῖος ‎(arkhaîos, “from the beginning, antiquated, ancient, old”), from ἀρχή ‎(arkhḗ, “beginning, origin”), from ἄρχω ‎(árkhō, “I am first”).

Daug proto nereikia ar reikia?


From Middle French monarque, from Late Latin monarcha, from Ancient Greek μονάρχης ‎(monárkhēs), variant of μόναρχος ‎(mónarkhos, “sole ruler”), from 'μόνος ‎(mónos, “only”) + ἀρχός ‎(arkhós, “leader”).
A monarch

Noah's ark

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