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Nusispjaut, nesvarbu, vienodai, neidomu.

O jeigu visiškai priešingai - nusispjaut, nes Dzin?
Dzinanas (kinų k. 濟南; pinyin Jǐnán) – miestas rytų Kinijoje, prie Hvanghės upės; Šandongo provincijos administracinis centras. 2,07 mln. gyventojų (2005). Išvystyta gumos, mašinų, metalurgijos, chemijos, tekstilės, maisto pramonė. Yra universitetas.
Dzinano tinklas:

In the Jinan network, some 200 users from the military, government, finance and electricity sectors will be able to send messages safe in the knowledge that only they are reading them.

Steady improvements in computer power mean that the number-based keys have to be lengthened periodically. Encryption has a shelf life and is rapidly becoming more vulnerable.
There are also fears that the development of quantum computers, which effectively represent a massive step change in number crunching ability, will render much of modern encryption software vulnerable.
Quantum communication works differently:
  • If you want to send your secure message, you first separately send a key embedded in particles of light
  • Only then doyou send your encrypted message and the receiver will be able to read it with the help of the key sent beforehand
The crucial advantage of this so-called quantum key distribution is that if anyone tries to intercept the light particles, they necessarily alter or destroy them.
What this means is that any attempt at hacking will immediately be noticed by the original sender and the intended receiver - hence its description as "unhackable".

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