Bitstamp starts in Luxembourg

Kol mūsų valdžia snaudė, spaudė, o bankai ir žiniasklaida gąsdino visuomenę bitkoinų baubu, ES Aukščiausiasis teismas Liuksemburge įteisino 
bitkoinus, o šiandien pirmoji visose 28 ES šalyse* licencijuota 
bitkoinų birža atsidaro** Liuksemburge.

Dear clients, partners and supporters of Bitstamp

We are very excited to share with you today that Bitstamp has been granted a license by the Luxembourg government to be a fully regulated and licensed exchange in the EU. This is an unprecedented moment for the bitcoin, and brings with it a new era of security and transparency to the industry. The news is the result of a rigorous application process with the Luxembourg financial regulator, the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (known as CSSF) spanning nearly two years, which included security reviews in addition to an audit by Ernst & Young Luxembourg. Bitstamp’s license is passportable into the 28 EU member states providing all European customers with a robust, secure platform for bitcoin trading.

Establishing our EU base in Luxembourg, a country that is known for its long-standing history as an international leader in e-payments and data privacy as well as the European headquarters for many global players including Amazon, PayPal and Skype, Luxembourg embodies an exceptionally strong infrastructure and the financial and security awareness we were seeking for this process.

What does this mean for me?

New and current Bitstamp clients can rest assured knowing that Bitstamp and its services are approved across Europe. This stamp of approval ensures that Bitstamp offers the highest levels of security and consumer protection previously only recognized in traditional financial institutions.

What else is new?

Bitstamp has simultaneously launched BTC/EUR trading to better serve European markets. We are also offering free trading in BTC/EUR for our loyal clients for the next month (until end of May).

Effective Tuesday, 26th of April all EUR deposits received will be credited directly to EUR account balance. Trading will start same day at 1:00 PM CEST. To protect our clients ask/bid orders overlapping on launch day will be removed prior to launching the order book.

Note that all non-EUR deposits will continue to be converted to USD.

Please contact our support team support@bitstamp.net with any questions.

Thank you,
Bitstamp team

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* Pirmoji licencijuota Pasaulyje!

** Veikė Bitstamp ir anksčiau, tik šiandien - pirmą dieną Liuksemburge su licencija, įsigaliosiančia birželio 1 dieną.

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