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Zcash begins

Zooko Wilcox | Oct 28, 2016

The Zcash blockchain is live! We released the genesis block this morning, and people all around our planet have begun mining and transacting on it.
Our homepage links to a download page where you can find instructions on installing the Zcash software; an explainer video will be posted there shortly. If you feel confident using this kind of Linux command-line tool, then dive in! The more people who do so the better.

Will Z CASH be the Next Bitcoin?

Zcash's monetary base will be the same as Bitcoin's 21 million Zcash currency units (ZEC, or ⓩ) will be mined over time. 

Zero knowledge proof...

The property of allowing both verifiability and privacy of data makes for a strong use case in all kinds of transactions, and we’re integrating this concept into a block chain for encrypting the sender address, the recipient address, and the amount.

Bitcoin "gyvent paleido" anonimas, bet visos transakcijos viešos.

Z cash elgiasi visiškai atvirkščiai - visos transakcijos visiškai paslėptos, užtat kūrėjai/valdytojai vieši/nepasislėpę:

ir kt...

Ar su ta pačia konstanta (21 mln.) kaip ir vieši Bitcoin slaptojo Z Cash kūrėjai nusitaikė į Z kartą?

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