Extraordinary Members

The eurozone, officially called the euro area, is an economic and monetary union (EMU) of 17 European Union (EU) member states that have adopted the euro (€) as their common currency and sole legal tender. The eurozone currently consists of

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Cyprus
4. Estonia
5. Finland
6. France
7. Germany
8. Greece
9. Ireland
10. Italy
11. Luxembourg
12. Malta
13. Netherlands
14. Portugal
15. Slovakia
16. Slovenia
17. Spain.

Other EU states (except for the United Kingdom, Denmark and de facto Sweden) are obliged to join once they meet the criteria to do so.

18. Monaco
19. San Marino
20.Vatican City

have concluded formal agreements with the EU to use the euro as their official currency and issue their own coins.


San Marino.

Vatican City.

Lithuania's path to euro-zone membership is likely to take longer than expected, an economist at the nation's central bank said, as the victory of an anti-austerity party in October elections has left uncertainty over whether the country can meet European Union government-spending and debt criteria as well as inflation targets.


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