Funeral Party

Žmogus kartais pavėluodavo į pamokas, nes negalėdavo atplėšti akių nuo laidotuvių vakarėlio („funeral party“). Kiekvieną savaitę prieš jo akis atsiverdavo visas lietuviškų laidotuvių procesas – nuo varinių pučiamųjų iki laukiniais balsiais staugiančių giedotojų.

Čia apie mus.

Apie Vėlines.

Lietuviai Lietuvoj neturi savo tikėjimo, todėl iš jų papročių tyčiotis - galima.

funeral (n.) 
mid-15c., from Middle French funérailles (plural) "funeral rites" (15c.), from Medieval Latin funeralia "funeral rites," originally neuter plural of Late Latin funeralis "having to do with a funeral," from Latin funus (genitive funeris) "funeral, funeral procession, burial rites; death, corpse," origin unknown, perhaps ultimately from PIE root *dheu- (3) "to die." Singular and plural used interchangeably in English until c.1700.
funest (adj.) 
"portending death," 1550s (implied in funestal), from Middle French funeste "unlucky" (14c.), from Latin funestus "causing death, destructive; mournful," from funus (see funeral (n.)).
fun (n.) 
"diversion, amusement," 1727, earlier "a cheat, trick" (c.1700), from verb fun (1680s) "to cheat, hoax," of uncertain origin, probably a variant of Middle English fonnen "befool" (c.1400; see fond). Stigmatized by Johnson as "a low cant word." Older sense is preserved in phrase to make fun of (1737) and funny money "counterfeit bills" (1938, though this may be more for the sake of the rhyme). See also funny.
... befool ...
... to cheat, hoax ... 
O ko neapgaut?
... counterfeit bills... 
 Counterfeit bills.

  funambulist (n.) 
"rope-walker," 1793, coined from Latin funis "rope" + ambulare "to walk" (see amble (v.)).
Funis - known, funus - unknown.

Lingua Europea.

Indeed, the homage to Erasmus, whom Lando had defended against his critics in the Erasmus Funus of 1540, was explicit: one of the first paradoxes in the collection is the claim that it is better to be a fool (pazzo) than a wise man (savio).

Funeral Party.

The band became their ticket out of Whittier: "We all came from the same shitty town, and you have two choices: grow up and get a job or get out. That's what we tried to do with the band..."

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