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Luxembourg Leaks: Global Companies' Secrets Exposed

Latest “Lux Leaks” files obtained by ICIJ disclose secret tax structures sought by “Big 4” accounting giants for brand name international companies.

Tax ir taksonas... 

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Šitas pats ponas Junkeris, viliojančios Liuksemburgo mokesčių sistemos architektas. 


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bet ne visiems.

Liuks gi.

A report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, representing a team of 80 from 26 countries, claims that companies such as Pepsi (PEP) and AIG (AIG) obtained assurances from Luxembourg that plans to minimize tax would be viewed favorably by officials.

"These legal secret deals feature complex financial structures designed to create drastic tax reductions," the ICIJ report stated.

IKEA, Deutsche Bank (DB) and Abbott Laboratories (ABT) also feature on the list of about 340 companies which took advantage of controversial arrangements to slash the tax they pay on hundreds of billions in profits funneled through Luxembourg.

In some cases the rate of tax paid was less than 1%.

“Luxembourg will become a leading RMB offshore centre in the Eurozone in the near future”!

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