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Vatican orchestrated U.S. / European Union sovereign debt crisis

The U.S. and European Union sovereign debt crisis were orchestrated by the Vatican through its Roman Catholic sovereign debt creator Mark Carney*.  
The Vatican and its Financial Stability Board (formerly FSF) members including: the United States (Federal Reserve), Japan (Bank of Japan) , Germany (Deutsche Bundesbank), the United Kingdom (Bank of England), France (Banque de France), Italy (Banca d’Italia), Canada (Bank of Canada – Mark Carney), Australia (Reserve Bank of Australia), the Netherlands (De Nederlandsche Bank) and several other industrialized economies as well as several international corporations defrauded the World of $trillions using a “fabricated” U.S. and European Union debt crisis in order to finance the Vatican Fourth Reich a.k.a Fourth Holy Roman Empire a.k.a New World Order.  The Vatican was aided by Goldman Sachs and its sovereign debt creation specialist  Mark Carney.  Goldman Sachs and Mark Carney also orchestrated both the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 1998 Russian debt crisis.
Roman Catholic Mark Carney was born March 16, 1965, in Fort Smith, N.W.T. He moved to Edmonton Alberta  at age six.  From 1971 to 1983, he lived in the west-end neighbourhood of Laurier Heights, Edmonton, Alberta graduating from the Roman Catholic St. Francis Xavier high school before leaving Canada for Harvard University.  Carney has a PhD in economics from Oxford University.  Both Harvard University and Oxford University are United States universities.  Carney then spent thirteen years with Goldman Sachs before being “appointed” to the Bank of Canada – became a Catholic Church wholly owned Crown corporation in 1938.
Mark Carney’s progressively more senior positions at Godman Sachs included co-head of sovereign risk (debt); executive director, emerging (created) debt capital markets; and managing director, investment banking. Mark Carney was rewarded for helping to cause both the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 1998 Russian financial crisis by being appointed head of 3 key Crown (Catholic Church Pope) financial conglomerates – Bank of Canada Governor,  February 2008 –June 2013, a 3 year term as Chairman of the Catholic Church’s FSB (formerly  Financial Stability Forum) November 4, 2011 – present day (meaning he is still Chairman of the FSB) and now Governor of the Bank of England – which represents the temporal authority of the Roman Catholic Pope from within the Catholic Church created city state called the City of London Corporation (est 1855).
Chairman of the Catholic Church FSB means Mark Carney is the vice-regal representative of the Catholic Pope.  As viceroy Carney is the ruler exercising authority over the G20, G8, G7, Club of Rome and European Union (a.k.a. European Economic Community (EEC) created by the Catholic Church’s Treaty of Rome of 1957) on behalf of the Pope.
Marck Carney is the Pope appointed vice-regal of all leaders of all G-20, G8 and G7 member states (including Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, David Cameron …), of all past FSF members (Jesuit Club of Rome), and of the Catholic Church / Adolf Hitler created European Union (originally called the European Economic Community).
The EU was created as a result of the Reichskonkordat (Reich Concordat) treaty alliance between the Vatican (Holy See) and Adolf Hilter.  The Concordat formed the Vatican’s – Third Reich – Third Holy Roman Empire.  The treaty alliance between the Holy See (Vatican) and Adolf Hitler  was signed during Germany’s transition into Nazi Germany on July 20, 1933.  It was signed by the Vatican’s Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli (who very soon thereafter became Pope Pius XII) on behalf of Pope Pius XI and Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen and President Paul von Hindenburg on behalf of Adolf Hitler.
The framework for the Vatican EU was first made public in Germany on 22nd June 1940 as the European Economic Community (EEC).  The first EEC conference was held at the Berlin University (a Catholic university renamed Humboldt University of Berlin) in 1942.  After the fall of the Vatican’s Third Reich (Third Holy Roman Empire), the Holy See changed the EEC ideology from Nazism to a Communist European Community in 1946.
The Communist EEC wasn’t officially formed until the signing of the Vatican’s Treaty of Rome (Treaty establishing the European Economic Community) of 1957. However, it didn’t enter into force until 1993 – with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty at which time the EEC was renamed the European Community (EC) to reflect that it covered a wider range of policies. The three European Communities, including the EC, were collectively made to constitute the first of the three pillars of the European Union (EU). The EC existed in this form until it was abolished by the 2009 Treaty of Lisbon, which merged the EU’s former pillars and provided that the EU would “replace and succeed the European Community (EC).”
The Catholic Church, it’s FSB (financial sabotage board), it’s vice-regal (of the G20, G8, G7, FSF and EU) Mark Carney, it’s wholly owned Bank of England – a.k.a. City of London Corporation and Bank of Canada (became a Crown Corporation in 1938), orchestrated the U.S. and European sovereign debt crisis in order to illegally defraud, steal and money launder $trillions from the United States people and European Union states.  The Catholic Church appointed Mark Carney to head the Bank of Canada, its FSB and now the Bank of England to commit acts of securities fraud, fraud, title fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, theft, espionage and sabotage against the United States, Canada, the UK and Vatican controlled European Union states.

The Catholic Church isn’t done stealing your money and “private” property.  Things might look like they are getting better, but with Mark Carney still vice-regal for the Pope (Chairman of the Vatican FSB) and now Governor of the Vatican’s Bank of England you can safely bet that what we are experiencing now is simply the calm before the storm.  How do we prevent a global collapse?  Do what Napoleon Bonaparte did in 1801 – strip away all of the “assumed” rights, privileges and temporal authority the Catholic Church and its Pope unlawfully claims it has and seize its illegally begotten holdings, wealth and property for violation of your country’s laws.

Carney served as Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements' 
Committee on the Global Financial System from July 2010 until January 2012.[37]
Carney is a member of the Group of Thirty,
an international body of leading financiers and academics, and of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum.[38][39] 
Carney attended the annual meetings of the Bilderberg Group 
in 2011 and 2012.[40][41]

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