Eina sau!


Depending on the sense, from two distinct but closely related Latin terms:
  • From exit (he, she, or it goes out, departs, or exits), the third-person singular present active indicative form of exeō (I go out, depart, exit); or,
  • From exitus (a going out, departure).
ex- (out of, from) +‎ (go)

From Proto-Italic *eō, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁ey-. Cognate with Ancient Greek εἶμι (eîmi, I go), Sanskrit एति (éti, goes), Hittite 𒄿𒄿𒀀𒋫𒋫 (iyatta, goes), Luwian 𒄿𒄿 (iti, goes), Old Persian 𐎠𐎡𐎫𐎡𐎹 (aitiy, goes), Old Church Slavonic ити (iti).

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