Ponto Palios

Pontifikas atsistatydina.

Taip tik Žalgirio mūšio laikais buvo benutikę, po jo.

Предпоследний понтифик (не считая антипап), который отрёкся от сана.
И Бенедикт XIII и Григорий XII не признали результатов собора, вследствие чего за власть в церкви боролись уже не два, а три папы. В это же время в империи за императорское кресло боролись три претендента. 
Thereupon on 4 July 1415, Malatesta, acting in the name of Gregory XII, pronounced the resignation of the Pope, which the cardinals accepted. According to prior agreement, they agreed to retain all the cardinals that had been created by Gregory XII, thus satisfying the Correr clan, and appointed Gregory XII Bishop of Frascati, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals and perpetual legate at Ancona
The Council then set aside Antipope John XXIII (1410–15), the successor of Alexander V. After the former follower of Benedict XIII appeared, the council declared him deposed; and the Great Schism was ended. 
A new Roman pontiff, Pope Martin V, was not elected before Gregory's death. Therefore, the Papal seat was vacant.
pontiff (n.) 
c.1600, "high priest," from French pontif (early 16c.), from Latin pontifex, title of a Roman high priest (see pontifex). Used for "bishop" in Church Latin, but not recorded in that sense in English until 1670s, specifically "the bishop of Rome," the pope. Pontifical, however, is used with this sense from mid-15c.
pontifex (n.) 
member of the supreme college of priests in ancient Rome, 1570s, from Latin pontifex, probably from pont-, stem of pons "bridge" + -fex, -ficis, root of facere "make." If so, the word originally meant "bridge-maker," or "path-maker." Weekley points out that, "bridge-building has always been regarded as a pious work of divine inspiration." Or the term may be metaphoric of bridging the earthly world and the realm of the gods. Other suggestions trace it to Oscan-Umbrian puntis "propitiary offering," or to a lost Etruscan word, in either case altered by folk etymology to resemble the Latin for "bridge-maker."
 ...probably from pont-, stem of pons "bridge"...
Tiltų statytojas.
Tiltai statomi vandeny, dažniausiai.
pont- + -fex

Pontius means "marine" or "relating to the sea." It can be used as a name, both first and last. People named "Pontius" include;
  • The Greek name for Pontic Greeks
  • Gaius Pontius, Samnite commander and victor at the Battle of the Caudine Forks, believed ancestor of Pontius Pilate
  • Pontius Telesinus Roman commander loyal to the Populares during Sulla's second civil war. Commanded the Populares forces at the Battle of the Colline Gate where he was killed in the action.
  • Pontius Aquilia, a tribune that lived at the time of Julius Caesar
  • Pontius Fregellanus, a man of senatorial rank. He was involved in an adultery scandal at the time the Emperor Tiberius, died in March 37
  • Gaius Petronius Pontius Nigrinus, became consul at the time the Emperor Tiberius died in March 37
  • Pontius Pilate (Latin: Pontius Pilatus), Roman governor of Judea, according to the Bible and the secular Cornelius Tacitus (senator and a historian of the Roman Empire) he presided over the trial of Jesus Christ
  • Pontius of Carthage, deacon in Carthage, early Christian writer from the middle of the 3rd century, who wrote a description of the life of Church Father Cyprian of Carthage
  • Pontius, saint and Bishop of Barbastro.
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The Kingdom of Pontus or Pontic Empire was a state of Persian origin on the southern coast of the Black Sea (Now Black Sea Region of Turkey). It was founded by Mithridates I in 291 BC and lasted until its conquest by the Roman Republic in 63 BC.

Kyrie eleison.

Põndzius sm. (1) Ar žr. pondievas: Pondzius patraukė ant blaivystės visus žemaičius Sz. Pondziuks pyksta ant tokių vaikų Sz.

Slinko piramidinė civilizacija link mūsų.... 

Panteoną keitė pirmiausia, valdė palūkanom.

Понтийските блата (итал.: Agro Pontino) e бивша блатиста местност в регион Лацио (Средна Италия) югоизточно от Рим. Намира се след пясъчните дюни по брега на Тиренско море от Помеция до Терацина.
The Pontine Marshes, termed in Latin Pomptinus Ager by Titus Livius, Pomptina Palus (singular) and Pomptinae Paludes (plural) by Pliny the Elder, today the Agro Pontino...

Ponto Palios.

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