Земля в иллюминаторе

European Central Bank is under no obligation to issue details of its decisions for 30 years.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said keeping interest rates low for an extended period carries risks that policy makers weighed carefully beforethey reduced the benchmark rate to a record low.

“I am of course aware that our rate cut raised some concerns,” Draghi said in a speech in Berlin today. “A protracted period of time of low rates creates the scene for risks in financial stability.”

Reikia, reiškias, “vykdyti makroprudencinę politiką”!

O tai galim pradėti levituoti.

The ECB reduced its main refinancing rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 0.25 percent on Nov. 7, while keeping the overnight deposit rate for lenders who park excess cash at the central bank at zero. Policy makers are considering a smaller-than-normal cut in the deposit rate to minus 0.1 percent if more stimulus is needed to ward off deflation, according to two central-bank officials with knowledge of the debate.

Šįryt ne LRT, o “Laisvosios bangosbangomis analitikas Maksimas Pavlovskis (burtai kokie:)) štetlo akcentu aiškino, kad Supermario Draghi neatmetė ir neigiamų palūkanų galimybės, bet sykiu su tos bangos klausinėtoju sutarė, kad Štatų naujienos viską lems - euras, analitiko nuomone, nelogiškai rinkoms reaguojant ėmė ir pabrango.

Kurgi ne.

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