Vires Non In Numeris

Bitcoin, the digital money created as an alternative to currencies controlled by nations and banks, is finding that its wider adoption depends on both as governments in China and the U.S. demand enthusiasts play by existing rules. 

Bitcoin exchanges, payment processors and other startups say they need banks to connect them to the existing payments system and provide basic services like checking accounts. To do that, the fledgling companies must convince the regulators who police the banks that Bitcoins aren’t being used to conceal illicit activity.

“Banks are scared to deal with Bitcoin companies, even if they really want to,” said Stephen Pair, co-founder and chief technical officer of BitPay Inc., an Atlanta-based company that processes payments for merchants in Bitcoin. Pair said BitPay has relationships with banks in the U.S., Canada and Europe; he declined to name them at the banks’ request.

Regulators show little sign of losing interest in tracking financial flows, be they in dollars, renminbi or Bitcoin.

Sandro kensan

i have bought a new golden plated coin. It a the famous Bitcoin coin. In
the front of the coin there is the motto "Vires in Numeris", "Strength
in Numbers". The motto is in latin language, is it correct?

Somebody suggest it is wrong and the correct motto is "Vis in numeris",
is it true?

This is the coin that I have buy:


Sandro kensan www.kensan.it & www.qiqi.it geek site

Ed Cryer

In the classical Latin writers "vires" often means military forces.


 Bitcoin Not Bombs

Vires Non In Numeris

Bitcoin - tik tarpusavio atsiskaitymo priemonė.

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