Susikūrus Prūsijos karalystei1701 m., kurios karaliumi tapo Frydrichas I-asis, Berlynas įgijo sostinės statusą. 

Tik 1701 m.

Prūsijos karalystė pakeitė Prūsijos kunigaikštystę, atsiradusią iš Kryžiuočių ordino valstybės, šitų


Possibly from the Polabian stem berl- / birl- ‎(“swamp”) + suffix -in. The place is first mentioned by this name in the late 12th century (as Berlyn). According to (incorrect) folk etymology, the name is derived from the Bär ‎(“bear”) that is the symbol of the city.

Varlynas pelkėj?

A boy(ish)-girl or girl(ish)-boy: someone inbetween the traditional binary gender system, or someone who defies/rejects it altogether.
Damn, that birl is hot.

Can be used to signify relationship:
My birlfriend and I are going to the Cities this weekend, you should come with.

The Berlin Pride Celebration, usually known as CSD Berlin, is a parade and festival held at the end of June each year in Berlin to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their allies. CSD stands for Christopher Street Day. Since 1979, the event has been held each year.

Can`t tell if it`s a boy or a girl.
Bro, what is that, a boy or a girl?

It`s a birl.


P.S. Eivartotojai:)

P.P.S. Burtai?

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