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autsáideris [angl. outsider—pašalinis]:
1. kapit. įmonė, neįeinanti į savo šakos monopolistinius susivienijimus;
2. neprofesionalus biržos spekuliantas;
3. sportininkas, užėmęs varžybose, vieną paskutinių vietų; 4*. asmuo, nesikišantis į reikalus, esantis nuošalyje, nesuinteresuotas.

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Nr.1. kapit. įmonė, neįeinanti į savo šakos monopolistinius susivienijimus;

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Nr2. neprofesionalus biržos spekuliantas.

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 angl. outsider—pašalinis


Plans about Ukraine?

Eugene Guilbaud: In Ukraine will survive no more than eight million people

This interview of the famous Russian political scientist refused to publish the Ukrainian media.

Corr.: Dear Evgenij. First of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview. You - the person nonpublic possess insider information and comment on something rarely agree. What can you say about the prospects of the Revolution in the Ukraine? Will Putin strangle our revolution and we are waiting for a quick victory and successful development?

Eugene Guilbaud: I see that you have not personally, no one in Ukraine, including the oligarchs, not even close understanding of the global corporatocracy plans about Ukraine. And the more understanding that Putin will be forced to contribute to them. You really think he's an independent figure, which takes decisions for the state of the Russian Federation. In fact, the state and it is - an illusion, and work at it - do not make decisions, and execute the status quo and businesses.
I wrote in his book "A post-industrial transition, and World War II" about the economic reasons which led to a gradual reduction of functionality and capacity territorial welfare states, which were the highest form of social organization in the industrial era. Now the real power was concentrated in corporations with global interests and the global nature of the activity. Replaced armies and intelligence services of PMCs came, and the world at a higher level in this form of existence, like the ones that were in pre-industrial era - the feudal education, orders corporations that trade between them, research and development, finance and global governance and chapter awards, which actually represents the world empire.
The state of the industrial age disappear as the Cheshire cat. Of them have already left one smile, that is piarnyh function. Soon disappear and smile.

Reporter: It seems to me that you - the victim of the Russian media and Kiseleva, who try to convince the population of the Russian Federation anti-Ukrainian stance. And now you are saying all this from the obvious Ukrainophobia.

EG: I'm rarely in Russia, and this is your Kiselev heard several times from the Ukrainians and never from the people of the Russian Federation. Perhaps, it does not look Russian, unlike in Ukraine. As for the pro-Ukrainian and anti-Ukrainian position - I have them can not be, since I do not live in a world of illusions. Ukrainians are absolutely sure that if they do not consider themselves Russian, and then the entire world should also be considered. In reality, the whole world thinks of Ukrainians do not even kind of Russian, but just Russian. All - and Novorossiysk, and Little Russia, and even the Galicians. In Russia, too, believe Russian Ukrainians, just a little touched as a result of age-old Russophobian propaganda. Lately, however, ceased to be a Russian Galicians.
Since I live in the West and spinning in circles of European business and political beau monde, I always adopted and stuck there looking at things that are not singled out as a non-Russian Ukrainians. So I have not developed a pro-Ukrainian nor any anti-Ukrainian position - that is, I ignore phantom, rather than ponder the aforesaid.

Corr.: What then do you think Russia is considered in the West?

EG: Russia traditionally called all the space, combined historical destiny of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, Russian language, including not only the physical territory, but also Russian sector of the digital world. The unity of this geopolitical factor half a century ago spoke exhaustively Prince Otto von Bismarck: "The defeat of Russia and after the most brilliant victories is beyond all probability. Even the most successful outcome of the war would not have the effect of decay of the main power of Russia, which is based on millions of indigenous Russian. Even if they disconnect through treaties, they just as quickly once again come together as a connected part of the cut object of mercury. This indestructible empire of the Russian people, strong for its climate, space and unpretentious as the presence of only one boundary in need of defense, did after its defeat our innate craving for revenge and the enemy. "

Corr.: Just reluctance to acknowledge the existence, history and a great future for the Ukrainian nation and is Ukrainophobes. Obviously, your position is pro-Putin, even if he did not prepay.

EG: I have known Putin during his work at a number of positions in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the last years I have no contact with him, he is not my client, so I do not get money from him for advice. I've tried to explain that you have the wrong idea about the overall context of the situation. Do you really believe that something depends on Putin, and he can somehow influence the situation in Ukraine. In fact, its function even in a dying state of the Russian Federation - piarnyh clean, which means it must execute and otpiarivat the situation that develops as a result of various layouts caused confrontation of global corporations, some of which are based in Russia, but the vast majority outside.

Corr.: But the state of the Russian Federation, which represents Putin clearly interferes in the internal affairs of Ukraine and dreaming of how to enter the army.

EG: For a while there was hope that the remnants of the Russian Federation State will try to help Ukraine, more precisely, the population b / Ukraine. But even Kremlin officials clearly angered that fuckers in Ukraine believe if RF plays against them. So they finally decided to exclude himself.

Corr.: Who and what will now determine the situation in Ukraine?

EG: Those who are in the whole world - the corporatocracy. I'm not vain already gave reference to his book "Post-industrial transition, and World War II." There I tell what kind of phenomenon.
Obviously, implementing Syrian scenario. From the point of view of common sense strange that ukrosmi say nothing as Muslim militants have brought to Ukraine, and are not interested in this essential fact. Or say it to help against the terrible Strelkova ...

Corr.: Gunmen soon he will flee from the Donbass.

EG A Muslim militants also leave themselves with Ukraine?

Corr.: Do not you think that in reality, in Russia all have already expired sperm from envy, from the inability to influence the situation in Ukraine?

EG: I understand the position of thinking people in the Russian Federation, their thoughts are quite different problems than anything outflow of Ukraine. In the Russian Federation has already begun to realize that even before the destruction of Ukraine terrorist war spread to Russia. Therefore, studying the Syrian experience, preparing to defend their city. Ukraine regret, but understand that it is unrealistic to help. Authorities think how close the border to refugee flows, when Ukraine will begin ethnic cleansing ..

Corr.: And you did not think that if a sovereign Ukraine will last a couple of years, Russia will simply collapse and most territories will join more successful Slavic state?

EG: In this wise idea in Ukraine a lot of supporters, I know, but it is - a consequence of inadequate perception of reality and unwillingness to even think about what the aims of the global corporatocracy concerning Ukraine. Where do you see sovereignty? There is no longer Ukrainian media hubbub only remained. Designated glavpiarschikom Poroshenko not even say it will be tonight.
Oligarchs still naively hoping that they will stabilize the remains of the country. Fuckers too. But I know the plans of the structures that make decisions spelled out clearly how the Slavic population can remain in the territory after the ethnic cleansing - 8000000.

Corr.: You live in a dream world. Come to Kiev - see everything in a different light.

EG: I'll see what was in Kiev on the eve of taking 1941m Germans: a café, strolling mothers with strollers, some people think that red repulse, and others - that will be in 1918m. Sitting on a cafe Jews who a few weeks go to Babi Yar, and district committees - future policemen that they will lead to Babi Yar.

Corr.: Ukrainians themselves take their destiny into their own hands and will define it, not some ephemeral corporation.

EG: You're not even close to understand what I mean. Like all b / Ukraine. War propaganda media here is not enough, something else you are anesthetized before euthanasia. Ukraine is not just sentenced to euthanasia, and genocide. Decided that the Slavic population in this region should not be. Between the Russian Federation and that of her remains and Europe should be culturally alien space.
Oligarchs thought hosts satisfied if cut out all the Russian and Ukrainians and leave only the Galicians. They are mistaken. Decided to carry out ethnic cleansing of all Slavs and make purely Muslim territory. What fuckers do not want or understand or hear - means that it will be done easily. Alawites in Syria at least understand that the question of genocide, so still holding.

Corr.: But it's not in the interests of the Russian Federation! How did Putin do it?

EG: Well, you realize that it is not in the interests of the Russian Federation. Maybe, after a course of psychiatric treatment you guess what all this will do is not Putin or some other media figure.
World war is waged against Russia corporatocracy. World corporatocracy not think in terms of the type of Ukraine or Russia. They scored on all governments. This ukrosmi rinse brain that there is something Obama decides, Putin and brussels sprouts. In reality, they are not in the business a long time and agree among themselves how to make out what was happening. Though they do not always tell in advance what is happening.
Do you still believe that the Crimea RFskie military squeezed. In reality, Putin has learned that you have to take Crimea, ten days before the referendum and was very ofigevshimi although Kissinger hinted to him a few weeks before it is quite transparent.

Corr.: But who overcame the Crimea?

EG: Actually Crimea overcame PMC quite specific. Surprising that some Ukrainian media discuss shizu, but nobody never even interested in that Crimea has long been a place-based private military companies (PMCs) - the only real combat-ready forces of the modern world, that tool, which transforms the world corporatocracy. Of course, these companies do not advertise themselves, but there is the visible tip of the iceberg - their recruiting system, it is energetically promoting themselves to recruit boys. Can see it's http://rsb-group.ru/.
Guys of these PMCs are the very "polite people."

Corr.: So you think that the Crimea is not captured Russian troops?

EG: Even Ukrainians can be a little realistic. The government of the Russian Federation likewise virtually no combat-ready forces, as in Ukraine. Even if you believe those superpatriots and the media, who are writing, you should ever pay attention to the whole world laughing, watching as 200 fighters PMC Slovyansk tied all combat-ready army of the Ukrainian and scoff at them. The fact that 200 fighters against 15000th groups hold initiative methods of modern warfare - the best proof that Ukraine has no army, no matter how much gloss over the fact that press releases about the heroic destruction Mariupol cops, local people and tales of thousands of soldiers and GRU terrible Chechens in Donbas.
In Russia, the same picture. There efficient part of the same quality, but their three times more.
You convince yourself that Putin may decide to send troops to Ukraine. He had nothing to enter. If he even enters the 50 thousand troops could walk, they can be connected pair battalions PMCs that will guide the network-centric operations modeled Slavic.
Therefore, the introduction of troops Putin and Russian General Staff even in a nightmare not thought of. It was only in the nightmares of the victims Ukrainian media.

Corr.: Would you say that owns Gunmen centric warfare strategy?

EG: That's another misconception Your: Do you believe that you can know the names of the people who run these or other processes. If you - not the CIA director, you can only know the names of PR. For example, in the list of Forbes - glavpiarschikov names of large corporations, but they are not the owners and managers of these corporations. If you actually manage finances and your name known to all Irons 1000 km around aimed at your favorite place. Therefore, the real owners and managers of businesses their names do not shine. We must be Svidomo ukrom to think what will shine your name, face, location the person who carries out development and operational management of the network-centric operation.
The function of the official structures of the head - PR. And appoint her professional PR man. For example, Girkin (arrows) and Boroday - started as professional journalists. They are a good school, gained experience and grown to the level of PR at a global level.
Same-Girkin Gunmen performs an essential function piarnyh military leader. Its function - like Napoleon's French army. As you know, the secret to winning the French is that they all appeared before the General Staff and hence the possibility of operational management and troop concentrations in the right place at the expense of optimal logistics. Therefore, before they beat Napoleon coalition troops across Europe, and Napoleon. In 1812 Jomini created Russian General Staff, and Clausewitz - in Prussia. From this moment the French became a regular beat, and "Invincible" Napoleon had escaped to England and the last 25 years of his life to write his memoirs pro-British orientation (while publicly announced that he had died in 1824 on a tropical island and there is decomposed in the swamp, and 1841 brought to Paris to bury his dead straight from the tin).
Today reasons for the success of PMCs that they own tactics and strategy of network-centric warfare, and of leaving the army - no. Girkin Boroday today and energetically promoting the successful operation of PMC. At the same time Ukrainian media readers believe that journalists and Boroday Gunmen are at the head of the GRU mighty, but really they are just a PR situation as Poroshenko in Kiev, but their hosts in advance they told that you have PR, and Poroshenko - only when it's all happened .

Corr.: Who is the customer of this operation? You will argue that it was not Putin? He is the most obvious candidate to customers by virtue of their Ukrainophobia inherent in all pedophiles misanthropy and lack of common cultural development.

EG: Do you have a specific idea about pedophiles, like everything else. Perhaps you think pedophiles maniacs rapists who commit crimes against children. General cultural development Putin You also somewhat underestimate - it still comes from Leningrad, and not from Drohobych.
Cause of certain actions are usually economic interests, rather than what you have suggested so emotional. Donbas is really spinning property lost after the collapse of the roof of the Ukrainian state Akhmetov and Yanukovich. It hired PMCs.

Corr.: Who overcomes their property?

EG: If someone in the Ukraine were the remains of mental health, he would have asked this simple question. A real answer lies on the surface. Clearly, if the corporation is associated with some PMCs, then between their spin-doctors usually will be found contact. If Ukraine had at least one analyst, who is engaged in business and not broadcast on the Globe erotic fantasies about the future greatness of Ukraine, he would have noticed quite open and known facts that Girkin listed as security chief Marshall Capital, and Boroday - there was in charge of ideological PR. Chief spin doctor this campaign is Konstantin Malofeev, and it is quite a broad group of interests. So if you interested in the future of Donbass, it makes sense to pay attention to the activities of these gentlemen, and not the clowns in Kiev and not the words of Putin. Putin will otpiarivat existing corporations from competition situation.
You just do not say who controls the situation on the b / Ukraine and who is there for that fight.

Corr.: In Ukraine there are no subjects of the political process?

EG: Why? Here Akhmetov and Yanukovich had their PMCs used outdated technology protection racket their businesses across the state, which sought to control. They kicked in one fell swoop this state, presenting for suckers, if they themselves are to blame in this. And since they do not have PMCs, they immediately turned from political actors in its facilities. Now Akhmetov pays superiors "Ukrainian Army", "right sector" and bandits Parubiya to those (like they are now "state") tried to fight him off the property. Not very successful.
Other oligarchs were smarter. For example, Kallomoysky successfully creates his small PMCs. Little proto-PMCs have Ljashko, and he earns a good idea, for the money solving problems Poroshenko Akhmetov Tymoshenko and others trying to create their own PMCs is then based gangs Parubiya, but it goes without much success. So far, no Ljashko Kallomoysky not purchased any specialists able to plan and conduct network-centric operations. But the process goes.
In addition to these forces, Ukraine introduced PMCs protecting the interests of other corporations. Anglo-Saxon PMCs usually staffed by Muslim militants. Odessa drug mafia is trying quietly to organize resistance, but still can not correctly identify the enemy.

Corr.: That is Malofeeva corporation - not the strongest contender for the division of Ukraine?

EG: Of course. Moreover, she lit up, then by virtue of inexperience - the others are that your squeeze gently.

Corr.: And these forces led by Putin not?

EG: On b / Ukraine razzyavilis now such force that one of them mention Obama walks by itself, and you all on Putin engaged.

Corr.: Then I have a question for you: Do you know about the events are very important things in Ukraine, nobody knows. Why do not you tell people in detail about all these things?

EG: For what purpose? I was sent to a foot erotic and began to argue that nenka Nezalezhnosti, Putler scary maidan - anti-oligarchic revolution and Ukraine emerge as the most democratic and free country rich? I have to talk about the real state of affairs and ministers of the liberal online discourse, when the word idiot is equal to the word academician in the proportion of "one horse-one fritillary"?

Corr.: Okay, but in a nutshell tell me what is in Ukraine blizhashee time?

EG: Black Division will sauce genocide. See the situation as a global corporation? Population unproductive remnants of soviet industry are not needed, but a dozen factories MIC, which still need to maintain legacy systems - and then only in the Russian Federation. But natural resources - through the roof. Now for the production people do not - everything is automated, as I described in my book "The postindustrial transition and World War II." As a result, the corporatocracy Ukrainians believes parasites, and those who inertia believes that people need to somehow let live - nuts scoops.

Corr.: But somehow these processes will have to issue - in the form of what state?

EG: For suckers have already drawn: prezika portrayed elections and said that he was acting kind of constitution, which in fact already half a year all the spit from a high tower, but the media are convinced that everything is done for her. Oligarchs try to defend something of its assets, so struggling to mobilize the population through the media and public relations, all that remains of old and need to obey legitimate authority. Therefore, such a fierce censorship and control of the media in Ukraine. Have you noticed that even in Russia virtually all media and especially the Internet-resources scold the authorities with varying degrees of intensity? Give an example to Ukrainian media criticized the authorities.

Corr.: Ukrainian media also criticized the authorities of the Russian Federation.

EG: Zombie media operates exactly to the moment, when it comes to some PMCs and says, "now the legitimate authority - Khriukin comrade from the newspaper" The Day After Tomorrow ", all of it are equal and who is on the Maidan - dispersed by force. Here today in Donetsk simply expelled all local anarchists from building b / RSA and was told that there is now a proper power of the people to sit.

Corr.: What's in Lugansk?

EG: In Lugansk Efremov associates are trying to keep something through his Bolotov. Meanwhile, in a grove near the backbone company already PMCs formed militia of local young, and with the Russian people pulled. Real commander there - Brainstorming and not any wetlands that ukrosmi for money as the chief Ephraim energetically promoting in Lugansk.

Corr.: Do you think how successful policy Ephraim? Oligarchs who leads the most reasonable policy?

EG: I could Ephraim suggest some good moves, but he's not my client. With their concepts and provincial councilors he inevitably loses.
And the smartest - Kernes, piled in Israel and throw everything. Realized that there is nothing to try to keep. That the accounts in Israel is - the fact and live.

Corr.: Suppose I admit that you - not the victim of Putin's media and propaganda zazombirovany RF, and something really understand what is happening. Then tell us what we can predict the next six months or a year? How to fit into this situation?

EG: At the point of bifurcation near future is unpredictable. Can only play on the broad classes of strategies. On them will speak at seminars that I advertised above. Now comes the real war, and we must be Svidomo ukrom to ignore. In Russia, people even guess about something.

Corr.: As understood in the Russian Federation, except for animal hatred to Ukraine, which it is grafted Kiselevskaya media?

EG: Representations of Ukrainians think that Russian = 100% inadequate. In Russia, understand that there is a war against the Russian people, including Ukrainian, who thinks his Russian do not believe (though the whole world thinks differently).
In Russia still do not understand who this war is being waged as they become accustomed to the fact that in the world competing state and they are fighting too. But in the modern era of war are global corporations through its PMC and other power structures. On the state of the Russian Federation Russian long scored and believe that it works on diaspora and their foreign masters.
Russian did not discuss the maidan, elections, entering non-existent in the Russian Federation troops, rest in Crimea and other shizu that chase you and loved ukrosmi Kiselev. Russian realize that for them will take even before otgenotsidyat all Ukrainians and rushing around trying somehow to prepare for the arrival of Muslim militants. About Ukraine nobody thinks. At first thought, as it were, to help save: many relatives there. Now it came to all that is not before - Ukrainians do not save, we must try to save his life.
For example, in St. Petersburg, I will tell Syrian experience, which showed that the main goal that confront militants in modern war - terrorizing the local population, provoking the flight of large masses of ethnic cleansing. Because of this, the militants come to town and start stupidly cut the population of one house after another. A knock them out of the armed forces of the item state is unrealistic because these require heavy weapons practically destroy the city - Assad had so destroy almost half of the cities of Syria, and that sought his opponents.
The only way in which the militants manage to keep the city - the presence of militias that closely interacts with the mobile professional military units, such as PMCs or GRU, other units of the regular army. Then the militia at the time of militant attacks quickly mobilized, and the time to strike up a fight, tying the enemy to approach professionals who destroy it, or at least forced to fork out and look for a sacrifice of town where there are no militias and can be cut away with unarmed people, raping women and children, cut their breasts overwhelm man and a gaggle of concrete slab, looking like a family is trying to raise the slab, under which he is dying. However, I will tell the details - Ukraine will soon see them, fighters from Syria had already arrived and slowly begin to entertain.

Corr.: Another question. You mentioned the volunteers who travel from Russia to structure Strelkov Bolotov and Brain. What makes sense to go to them, if the annexation of these regions of the Russian Federation is not planned? For what they are fighting if they were allegedly sent not Putin and GRU?

EG: They have an obvious reason - the acquisition of combat experience. Until now, such opportunities were very few: Syria does not hurt train, and in the Russian army can only gain experience digging potatoes, cleaning the pigsty cottages and construction, as well as in Ukrainian. In Slovyansk same competent professionals conduct network-centric operation, and can learn how to practice modern warfare and gain combat experience that will be invaluable when you need organizing resistance to the terrorists, when a terrorist war will come to your land.
In modern warfare, no front and no localization theater. To flash can be anywhere. So ready to be necessary.
How would say LD Trotsky, "You are not interested in World War II - but she is interested in you."


Seimo Konstitucijos salė

Esu Seime.
Manau, kad Seimas savo salę Europos etninių religijų kongresui davė ne todėl, kad lietuviai pagonys susikvietė Europos tikėjimų atstovus, o todėl, kad Europos etninių religijų kongresas nuo 1998 metų keliauja po Europą - Europą juk Seimas gerbia.

Lietuvoje pripažįstamos devynios Lietuvos istorinio, dvasinio bei socialinio palikimo dalį sudarančios tradicinės religinės bendruomenės ir bendrijos: lotynų apeigų katalikų, graikų apeigų katalikų, evangelikų liuteronų, evangelikų reformatų, ortodoksų (stačiatikių), sentikių, judėjų, musulmonų sunitų ir karaimų.

Tai žinojau.
Bet nežinojau, kad helenistinis tikėjimas nėra legalus Graikijoje, o fryzų pagonybė - Belgijoje.
Liepos 8-9 dienomis Vilniuje vyksta Europos etninių religijų ir tradicijų konferencija "Motina žeme, sujunki mus". Šio renginio tikslas - didinti ekologinį sąmoningumą, remiantis vietinėmis ryšio su žeme tradicijomis. Į šių metų konferenciją atvyko etninių religijų atstovai ir mokslininkai, tyrinėjantys prigimtines religijas, iš 20 šalių. Trečiadienį konferencija dirba Seimo Konstitucijos salėje.
Kitoje salėje.


romė́nas, -ė. senovės Romos valstybės pilietis. 

Roma ir Romuva


Mūsų gūglišku supratimu - kariškiai.

Ir išties - Romos imperija laikėsi jėga.
ram (v.)
"to beat with a heavy implement," c.1300, from ram (n.). Related: Rammed; ramming.

ram (n.)
Old English ramm "male sheep," also "battering ram" and the zodiac sign; earlier rom "male sheep," a West Germanic word (cognates: Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Dutch, Old High German ram), of unknown origin. Perhaps [Klein] connected with Old Norse rammr "strong," Old Church Slavonic ramenu "impetuous, violent."

raménti, -ẽna, -ẽno žr. raminti:
1. Sūnus ją vis ramẽna Pnm. Ramẽna, kad nesrūpink, visaką sutvarkysma Šmn. Ramenù ramenù aš jį, kad nesiklapatytų Ut. | refl.: Aš tik darbu ramenúos Alks.
2. Ut.
3. refl. Kai šyli ant saulės, galva lyg ramẽnas, ramẽnas Alks.
apraménti tr.
1. Alks žr. apraminti 1: Apramenaũ vaikus, gal ažmigs jau Ut. Tik ką Stasiukas man apramẽna, šitie tai nešneka Skdt. | refl.: Sako, tegul apsramẽna Mlt.
2. apmažinti (skausmus): Tais vaistais tik apramẽna, negydžia Mlt. | refl.: Par visąnakt sopėjo, an rytą lodz kiek apsramẽno Mlt.
3. Trgn, Alks truputį pašildyti: Vasarą tik apramenaĩ kiek [v]andenį – i prauskis Klt.
nuraménti žr. nuraminti 1: Močia, eik vaiką nuraménk! Ob. Kad tu jau nebemoki vaiko nuramént Ds. | refl.: Pasižinda, pasižinda pirštą [vaikas] ir nusiramẽna Aps. Subariau, tai nusramẽno Kp. Senelis su bobele nusrameno BsPII195.
paraménti žr. paraminti 2: Paraménk kiek pieną, neduok šalto vaikui Ds.
suraménti žr. suraminti 1: Eik tu jį suraménk, ko jis tep verkia Dglš.

Romėnų karinės pajėgos:)

Kokia meninė fantazija!

incarnation of Vishnu, from Sanskrit Ramah, literally "lovely," from stem of ramate "stands still, rests, is pleased."


stabilumas - pastovumas, pusiausvyros būsena

Išraiškos arba posakiai

O kas gi dar?

stable (v.)
"to put in a certain place or position," c.1300; "to put (a horse) in a stable," early 14c., from stable (n.) or from Old French establer. Related: Stabled; stabling.
stable (n.)
early 13c., "building or enclosure where horses or cows are kept, building for domestic animals," from Old French stable, estable "a stable, stall" (Modern French étable), also applied to cowsheds and pigsties, from Latin stabulum "a stall, fold, aviary, beehive, lowly cottage, brothel, etc.," literally "a standing place," from PIE *ste-dhlo-, suffixed form of root *sta- "to stand" (see stet).

Meaning "collection of horses belonging to one stable" is attested from 1570s; transferred sense of "group of fighters under same management" is from 1897; that of "group of prostitutes working for the same employer" is from 1937.
For what the grete Stiede
Is stole, thanne he taketh hiede,
And makth the stable dore fast.
[John Gower, "Confessio Amantis," 1390]
stable (adj.)
mid-12c., "trustworthy, reliable;" mid-13c., "constant, steadfast; virtuous;" from Old French stable, estable "constant, steadfast, unchanging," from Latin stabilis "firm, steadfast, stable, fixed," figuratively "durable, unwavering," literally "able to stand," from PIE *ste-dhli-, from root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). From c.1300 as "well-founded, well-established, secure" (of governments, etc.). Physical sense of "secure against falling" is recorded from late 14c.; also "of even temperament." Of nuclear isotopes, from 1904.
establish (v.)
late 14c., from Old French establiss-, present participle stem of establir (12c., Modern French établir) "cause to stand still, establish, stipulate, set up, erect, build," from Latin stabilire "make stable," from stabilis "stable" (see stable (adj.)). For the excrescent e-, see e-. Related: Established; establishing. An established church or religion is one sanctioned by the state.
Įkurti, įsteigti.

Stok ant akmenėlio, sėskis ant žirgelio!

Istoriko užrašuose“ teigiama, kad Konfucijaus tėvai buvo susituokę ne pagal galiojančias ritualines normas, nes jo tėvas buvo senis, o motina – paauglė. Tėvas mirė, kai Konfucijui buvo treji. Pamažu Konfucijus bręsdamas kilo socialinėje hierarchijoje, įsijungė į vadinamąją ši (士 shì) klasę, kurios nariai siekė įsitvirtinti visuomenėje per savo talentą ir sugebėjimus, o ne kilmę.

 Positive negative.

shi, mokslininkas 

士 [Chinese Character] shì ,soldier




  • bachelor
  • honorific
  • first class military rank
  • specialist worker
  • member of the senior ministerial class (old)
  • scholar (old)
  • surname Shi
Konfucijus pabrėžė, kad savo mokyme ne išradinėja kažką naujo, o perduoda senovės išminčių mokymą. Jis iškėlė mokymosi, tobulėjimo svarbą. Konfucijus nesukūrė sistemingos gyvenimo ar visuomenės filosofijos. Jis skatino mokinius analizuoti save, nenuilstamai tyrinėti pasaulį, senuosius raštus, senovės moralines problemas susieti su dabartiniais politiniais įvykiais.

Konfucijus gyveno politinio susiskaldymo, nuolatinių karų laikais, todėl vienas pagrindinių jo mokymo tikslų buvo suvienyti „pasaulį“ (t. y. Kiniją), atsatyti valstybėje tvarką. Jo manymu, valdovai turėtų valdyti per savo moralę, remdamiesi  – dorybe, o ne įstatymais, bausmėmis ar savo pačių kilme.

Konfucijui tradiciškai priskiriama daug garsių aforizmų. Vienas pagrindinių, užfiksuotas „Apmąstymuose ir pašnekesiuose“, – "Nedaryk kitiems to, ko nenorėtum, kad darytų tau. "


Atsakingas verslas

„Barclays“ vadovas G. Dzekunskas: universitetus reikia valdyti socialiai atsakingo verslo principais

Na va - universitetų valdymas yra verslas...

Verslas (šnek. kartais dar vadinamas bizniu) – asmenine rizika paremta savarankiška veikla, kurios tikslas – gauti pelną, panaudojant savo sugebėjimus, žinias, laiką, kitų žmonių pinigus ir kitų žmonių darbą.

Socialiai atsakingas Barclays verslas 2014-07-08 23:51:56 The Libor scandal was a series of fraudulent actions connected to the Libor (London ... In June 2012, multiple criminal settlements by Barclays Bank revealed ... 2013 vas. 6 - The scandal led to the resignation of both Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond and chairman Marcus Agius. Here are some of the key dates ... 2014 birž. 26 - More scandal: Barclays Bank. Nearly £2.5billion was wiped off Barclays' stock market value yesterday after it was accused of a “dark pool” ... 

Socialiai atsakingas Barclays verslas...

Universitetai yra verslo įmonės?


idiot (n.)
early 14c., "person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning;" also in Middle English "simple man, uneducated person, layman" (late 14c.), from Old French idiote "uneducated or ignorant person" (12c.), from Latin idiota "ordinary person, layman; outsider," in Late Latin "uneducated or ignorant person," from Greek idiotes "layman, person lacking professional skill" (opposed to writer, soldier, skilled workman), literally "private person (as opposed to one taking part in public affairs)," used patronizingly for "ignorant person," from idios "one's own" (see idiom).
layman (n.)
"non-cleric," early 15c., from lay (adj.) + man (n.). Meaning "outsider, non-expert" (especially in regards to law or medicine) is from late 15c. Related: Laymen.
Alles klar?

lay (adj.)
"uneducated; non-clerical," early 14c., from Old French lai "secular, not of the clergy" (Modern French laïque), from Late Latin laicus, from Greek laikos "of the people," from laos "people," of unknown origin. In Middle English, contrasted with learned, a sense revived 1810 for "non-expert."
lay (v.)
Old English lecgan "to place on the ground (or other surface)," also "put down (often by striking)," from Proto-Germanic *lagjan (cognates: Old Saxon leggian, Old Norse leggja, Old Frisian ledza, Middle Dutch legghan, Dutch leggen, Old High German lecken, German legen, Gothic lagjan "to lay, put, place"), causative of lie (v.2). As a noun, from 1550s, "act of laying." Meaning "way in which something is laid" (as in lay of the land) first recorded 1819.

Meaning "have sex with" first recorded 1934, in U.S. slang, probably from sense of "deposit" (which was in Old English, as in lay an egg, lay a bet, etc.), perhaps reinforced by to lie with, a phrase frequently met in the Bible. The noun meaning "woman available for sexual intercourse" is attested from 1930, but there are suggestions of it in stage puns from as far back as 1767. To lay for (someone) "await a chance at revenge" is from late 15c.; lay low "stay inconspicuous" is from 1839. To lay (someone) low preserves the secondary Old English sense.
law (n.)
Old English lagu (plural laga, comb. form lah-) "law, ordinance, rule, regulation; district governed by the same laws," from Old Norse *lagu "law," collective plural of lag "layer, measure, stroke," literally "something laid down or fixed," from Proto-Germanic *lagan "put, lay" (see lay (v.)).

Replaced Old English æ and gesetnes, which had the same sense development as law. Compare also statute, from Latin statuere; German Gesetz "law," from Old High German gisatzida; Lithuanian istatymas, from istatyti "set up, establish." In physics, from 1660s. Law and order have been coupled since 1796.


Motina žeme, sujunki mus

Liepos 8-9 dienomis  Vilniuje vyks Europos etninių religijų ir tradicijų konferencija  „Motina žeme, sujunki mus”.  Šio renginio tikslas – didinti ekologinį sąmoningumą, remiantis vietinėmis  ryšio su žeme tradicijomis.

Į šių metų konferenciją atvyksta etninių religijų atstovai ir mokslininkai tyrinėjantys prigimtines religijas iš  20 šalių – daugiausia iš Europos, bet laukiama svečių ir iš JAV bei iš Indijos.

Liepos 8 d. etninių religijų atstovai tarpusavyje patirtimi dalinsis Vilniaus Verkių rūmuose vykstančioje uždaroje konferencijos sesijoje. Vakare, 18 val. prie Verkių aukuro, konferencijos atidarymo proga įvyks dievų ir protėvių pagerbimo apeigos.

Liepos 9 d. 11 val. konferencija dirbs Lietuvos Seimo konstitucijos salėje. Konferencijos tiesioginę transliaciją galima bus stebėti ČIA (nuoroda veiks konferencijos metu).

Europos etninių religijų kongresas kartu  su  Senovės baltų religine bendrija Romuva, siekdami  stiprinti Europos tautų solidarumą ir tarpreliginį dialogą, Europos etninėms religijoms ir tradicijoms skirtas konferencijas įvairiose Europos valstybėse rengia kasmet nuo 1998 metų.

Siekdami sudominti  plačią auditoriją konferencijos rengėjai ir dalyviai  surengs spaudos konferenciją.  Spaudos konferencija vyks Seimo spaudos konferencijų salėje nuo  10 val.
Tiesioginę spaudos konferencijos transliaciją iš Seimo galima bus stebėti ČIA arba ČIA.

Vykstant spaudos konferencijai galima buvo internetu pateikti klausimus. Nuoroda į klausimų uždavimo sistema (veiks spaudos konferencijos metu) ČIA.

Alkas.lt nuotr.
Alkas.lt nuotr.


Liepos 9, Vilnius
Konferencijos globėjas – Seimo narys Algirdas Patackas

10.30 Spaudos konferencija (Spaudos konferencijų salė II r. 212 kab.)
11.00 Seimo narių sveikinimai (Konferencijų salė, III r. 2 a. )
  • „Senosios Europos „indėnai“: etninės Europos religijos prigimtinių tradicijų kontekste“, Andreas Korbanas (Andras Corban), Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
  • „Romuvos kelias“, Inija Trinkūnienė, Lietuva
11.50 Kavos pertrauka
  • „Senovės baltų tikėjimo religinė bendruomenė šiuolaikinėje Lietuvoje: tarp istorinės atminties ir religinės mažumos statuso“, doc. dr. Milda Ališauskienė, Lietuva
  • „Prikeliant tikrąją europietišką tapatybę“, Vlasis Rasias, Graikija
  • „Bendros ikikrikščioniškų religijų ištakų prielaidos ir žodinės perdavos svarba“, Žoržas Valis (Georges Val), Prancūzija
13.00 Pietūs
  • „Mūsų vietinis dvasinis folkloras – tikrieji ateities žmonių civilizacijos bruožai“, Eivinas Arnesenas Siljeholmas (Øyvind Arnesen Siljeholm), Norvegija
  • „Dievas ir Žemė“, dr. Dainius Razauskas, Lietuva
  • „Bandymai išsaugoti ikikrikščionišką kultūrą Rytų Europoje pirmaisiais christianizacijos metais“, Sofia Kukure, Ukraina
15.00 Kavos pertrauka
  • „Latvijos Dievturių bendruomenės veikla XXI globalizacijos amžiuje“, Andrejs Broks, Latvija
  • „Sakalas, gulbė ir arklys: germaniškos Beneliukso tradicijos“, Aleksandras Demūras (Alexander Demoor), Belgija
  • „Postfolkloras – duoklė tradicijai, dabarčiai, ateičiai“, Ugnius Liogė, Lietuva.
16.00 Pertrauka
17.00 Ekskursija
19.00 Apeiga prie Ragučio aukuro.


Liepos 6 Londone

Ant Tower Bridge lietuviai giedojo himną.

Lietuvoj gi...